Here are a few commonly asked questions and the answers to them. We hope
this provides you with the information you were looking for. If not, please feel free
to give us a call-we look forward to hearing from you.
Q      How many days a week do you pick-up in our area?
     Young's Garbage Service currently provides a once a week curbside service
         depending on the location. Call today to see when we service your area.

Q      How many cans can I have out?
A      Young's Garbage Service allows up to 120 gallons per week. Can size does
         not matter as long as total amount does not exceed 120 gallons weekly. 
         Bags are accepted even if not in a can.

Q      What items can I put out on my weekly curbside pick-up day?
A      On the weekly curbside pick-up day, customers are allowed your typical, daily
         household trash.

Q      Can I have larger items picked up?
A      Young's Garbage Service will gladly haul away bulky items. This is done separate
         and billed separate from the weekly curbside service. (Free Estimates)

Q      Can I put out lawn debris, such as limbs and grass clippings?
A      Young's Garbage Service will also haul any lawn debris. This is done on a separate  
         day and billed separate from the weekly curbside service. (Free Estimates)

Q      What time should I set my trash out for pick-up?
A      Young's Garbage Service asks all customers to set the trash out for pick-up the night
         prior to your scheduled weekly curbside service.

Q      What if my pick-up day falls on a holiday?
A      If your pick-up day falls on a holiday you will be serviced the next business day.

Q      What holidays does Young's Garbage Service observe?
A      Young's Garbage Service currently recognizes the following holidays: New Year's Day,
         Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Q     Where should I set my cans for pick-up?
A     Young's Garbage Service ask all customers to set the trash within 2 feet from the
        roadway, in clear vision.

Q    I am disabled and can not get the trash can to the curbside. Do you offer any other
       service for me?
A     Young's Garbage Service does offer a back door pick-up for our elderly and disabled
        customers. (Additional Fee starting at $10 Per Month)

Q    What type of payments are accepted?
A    Young's Garbage Service gladly accepts Visa, MasterCard and checks over the phone, check or money order by        mail or you can pay right here on our website with any credit/debit card, check or PayPal.

Q    Are there any "hidden fees" or "extra charges" that will appear on our invoice?
A    There are no "hidden fees" or "extras charges" that will appear on your bill. Young's Garbage Service believes          in giving one flat rate!